When it comes to storage, Asselin Transportation, in Fort Frances Ontario, has you (and your belongings) covered… Literally! We offer portable sea-cans and mini warehouses for personal and/or commercial storage.

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Sea-Can Storage

Sea-Can’s are portable. They can be dropped off and loaded in your yard, then relocated to a new home, job site, or wherever needed.

Mini Warehouse Storage

Our mini warehouse are located at our office location, on Highway 11/71, just west of the Fort Frances town limits. The sizes available are: 6? x 9? or 15? x 9? and you keep the key!

Waste Removal

Asselin Transportation provides residential and commercial waste removal services through out Fort Frances and the Rainy River District!

We provide service for all streams of waste, including, but not limited to:
•    Residential waste
•    Commercial waste
•    Industrial waste
•    Hazardous waste
•    Liquid waste streams

Commercial Waste Removal

We offer commercial garbage & recycle services for businesses or construction sites. Our sizes range from 2-yard to 8-yard front-load containers or roll-off containers with sizes raging between 15 and 30 yards. Both containers are suitable for debris of any kind.

Vacuum Excavating Service

Asselin Transportation offers vacuum excavating services throughout the Rainy River District.

Our vacuum excavating services (also known as ‘day-lighting’) are a safe alternative to using an excavator. It exposes any gas lines, water lines, sewer lines, saver lines, etc without damage or danger to personnel or property.

Septic & Eco-Flo System Servicing

It’s a dirty job, but someone’s got to do it… and with three septic trucks at our disposal, Asselin Transportation is right for the job!

Septic Trucks & Services

We provide septic servicing from Rainy River to Thunder Bay, utilizing 3 late model 3,500-gallon septic trucks for residential septic systems, as well as: township lift stations, lagoons, holding tanks, etc.

Eco-Flo System Servicing

We also service Glo-Flo systems and remove/replace peat and pump holding tanks for eco-flo systems.

High Pressure Washing & Steaming

Asselin Transportation offers a number of pressure washing options, in the Rainy River District! Between our two mobile, high pressure washing units and our self-contained steam unit, customer needs can be met, no matter the scale of the job!

3,000 psi High Pressure Washer
•    3,000 psi pressure washer
•    Hot or cold (Hot water to 230°F and able to clean drains and sewer lines)
•    Mobile unit
•    Suitable for equipment and buildings

20,000 psi High Pressure Washer
•    20,000 psi high pressure washer
•    Mobile unit
•    Suitable for larger jobs

High Pressure Steam Unit
•    Dry or wet steam self-contained unit
•    Mobile unit
•    Suitable for thawing or cleaning ice, waxes, or residues of any kind

Water Hauling

Water hauling services are available through Asselin Transportation, in Fort Frances Ontario, and we dutifully serve the Rainy River District.

We have a 3,000 gallon portable/mobile water tank and a 3,000 gallon water truck for portable water delivery all year long.

Spill Response Service

Asselin Transportation is available and equipped for spill response service! We have dealt with such incidents, in the past, and are prepared for any that may arise in the future.

We always carry:
•    Absorbent pads & booms
•    6’ and 8’ river booms

We are licensed and certified for petroleum products as well as any grain or flours.

Recycle Services

At Asselin Transportation, want to do our part to be as environmentally friendly as we can, given the nature of our business. Our recycling services, across the Rainy River District, allow us to help the community dispose of recyclable products.

Our recycling services allow us to collect and recycle:
1-7 plastics
Scrap steel

We also manage an oil drop off and OES E-waste drop location.