Asselin Transportation offers a number of pressure washing options, in the Rainy River District! Between our two mobile, high pressure washing units and our self-contained steam unit, customer needs can be met, no matter the scale of the job!

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3,000 psi High Pressure Washer

  • 3,000 psi pressure washer
  • Hot or cold (Hot water to 230°F and able to clean drains and sewer lines)
  • Mobile unit
  • Suitable for equipment and buildings

20,000 psi High Pressure Washer

  • 20,000 psi high pressure washer
  • Mobile unit
  • Suitable for larger jobs

High Pressure Steam Unit

  • Dry or wet steam self-contained unit
  • Mobile unit
  • Suitable for thawing or cleaning ice, waxes, or residues of any kind

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